ࡱ> } *bjbj55 __\<4hiEI#H$"$$$&{'D'$k/54s&s&"44$$G<<<4$$k<4k<<R$=23.5HW]0Gh%{6%%'+<.L1'''[<^'''4444%''''''''' : Annual Report TABLE OF CONTENTS  TOC \o "1-3" \h \z  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779324" Purpose and Application  PAGEREF _Toc158779324 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779325" Requirements  PAGEREF _Toc158779325 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779326" Content  PAGEREF _Toc158779326 \h 3  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779327" Submission of the Annual Report  PAGEREF _Toc158779327 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779328" Publication of the Annual Report  PAGEREF _Toc158779328 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779329" Summary of Responsibilities  PAGEREF _Toc158779329 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779330" Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology  PAGEREF _Toc158779330 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc158779331" Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities  PAGEREF _Toc158779331 \h 5  Annual Report Addendum: Multi-Year Accountability Agreement Report Back...6 Purpose and Application Section 8 of O. Reg. 34/03 under the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002 specifies that colleges are to produce an annual report, make it available to the public, and submit the report to the Minister of Training Colleges and Universities annually. The annual report charts the colleges achievement of the operational outcomes established in the business plan for the year and includes the audited financial statements. An annual report may traditionally serve a variety of purposes including those related to accountability, marketing, and promotion. The key purpose envisioned here is accountability to the public and to the government. The information provided in the colleges annual reports is used by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to advise and inform government planning and policy-making. Colleges may improve their efficiency and effectiveness by comparing their results with those of other colleges with similar characteristics. Establishing consistent data to be reported in annual reports will allow for such comparisons. This operating procedure, which applies to all colleges, sets out the minimum requirements for an annual report. Requirements Scope Consistent with the Multi-Year Accountability Agreement (MYAA) framework, the business plan, strategic plan and annual report are to reflect the commitments and results agreed to and signed by the Minister and each respective college board of governors. Audited financial statements, annual reports, strategic plans and business plans are to be submitted separately unless so directed by the Minister (O.Reg. 34/03). Detailed information regarding the college MYAA is to be submitted as an addendum to the annual report in the format provided in the tables attached to this operating procedure. Due Dates June 15: The colleges audited financial statement is due June 15 of each year (see the operating procedure on audited financial statements). June 30: business plans due (refer to operating procedure on business plans for details.) July 31: Each college is to prepare an annual report including a copy of the audited financial statement and the MYAA report-back. Available to Public The annual report is to be available to the public. The college is to determine the appropriate format for the annual report so that it reflects local culture and circumstances while meeting the Ministry requirements of this operating procedure and the Ministers Binding Policy Directive on Governance and Accountability. Content The annual report is to include, at a minimum, the following information: A detailed report-back on the extent to which the college achieved the outcomes for the year, as set out in the colleges strategic plan and the business plan of the previous year. Report-back on the colleges Multi-Year Accountability Agreement via the attached template and guidelines. Each college has committed, through its Multi-Year Accountability Agreement, to participate in an annual review of its Multi-Year Agreement Action Plan. As part of this review process, colleges will complete the attached addendum, describing your colleges results in each of the indicated areas. If any of those outcomes were not achieved, the college is to identify the reasons and outline the steps that the college plans to take to achieve or redefine the outcomes. It may also be appropriate to reference significant changes that have occurred in the colleges environment that required in-year changes. A copy of the audited financial statements for the college, its subsidiary corporations, and foundation (as applicable) for the year accompanied by the auditors report (see the operating procedure on Audited Financial Statements for detailed instructions regarding the preparation of these statements). An analysis of the colleges financial performance. Submission of the Annual Report Once approved by the board of governors, the colleges annual report is to be e-mailed to the Colleges Branch Director, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities at colleges.branch@edu.gov.on.ca by July 31 of each year. This email is to include the location of the annual report on the colleges web site. Complete copies (with audited financial statements) of the annual report are also to be provided to the College Compensation and Appointments Council and to the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. For further information regarding this operating procedure consult with the ministry contact listed in the Contacts section on the web site. Publication of the Annual Report The annual report is to be made available to the public. Colleges shall post it on their college web site and allow people who do not have Internet access to obtain the report at no cost. Summary of Responsibilities Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology The board of governors is responsible for: Ensuring that the annual report fulfills the requirements of this operating procedure. Approving the annual report and financial statements. Ensuring that the annual report is submitted to the ministry by July 31 of each year. Ensuring that the annual report is made available to the public. Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities The Ministry is responsible for: Reporting information to the government on the colleges achievements as they relate to government objectives. Using annual reports to advise and inform government planning and policy-making. Working with the college system or individual colleges to facilitate corrective action where provincial priorities or expected outcomes are not being achieved. Annual Report Addendum: Multi-Year Accountability Agreement Report Back Please note that, as was outlined on page one of Appendix B: Multi-Year Agreement Action Plan for Colleges of the Multi-Year Accountability Agreement for Colleges for 2006-07 to 2008-09, the release of the full amount of your 2007-08 and 2008-09 allocations will be conditional on your institution confirming that it is on track for meeting its commitments, or the approval of an improvement plan by the ministry. The ministry will review your Action Plan annually, using this Annual Report Addendum: Multi-Year Accountability Agreement Report Back, and if required, discuss progress made on the commitments outlined in your Action Plan. Based on this review, you may be required to submit an improvement plan to the Ministry. Also as outlined on page one of the Multi-Year Accountability Agreement for Colleges for 2006-07 to 2008-09, implementing the 2006-07 MYAA and future agreements will be part of an evolutionary process. As the Ministry and postsecondary institutions work in collaborative partnership to continuously increase access and improve quality, the results in your report back will inform the development of best practices and the creation of measures of system-wide results. These measures may be incorporated in revised requirements in future years to demonstrate system-wide improvements. Advice from and research undertaken by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) will inform this process. College:SheridanFiscal Year:2007- 08A. ACCESS Increased Participation of Under-Represented Students Measurement As stated in the MYAA, the Ministry is committed to working with the institutions and HEQCO to develop a system measure that will track the participation of under-represented students in a manner that is sensitive to privacy concerns. Measurement Methodologies at Your College Instructions: Referring to your approved MYAA Action Plan, list the measurement methodologies your college uses to determine the presence of under-represented groups (Aboriginal students, first generation students, students with disabilities, and mature students) and Francophone students in its student population. Describe the instrument being used and the categories of students being surveyed. Particularly valuable are methodologies and results that complement those of the Ontario College Student Engagement Survey (OCSES) for instance, those that address participation in part-time, transition or apprenticeship programs. Individual students may belong to more than one group. In the cells counting respondents for each under-represented group, do not adjust for this potential double-counting. Eliminate any double-counting in the column, Total Number Self-Identifying as Member of Under-represented Group. Measurement Methodology (including description)Student Groups in Your Student PopulationTotal Number Self-Identifying as Member of Under-represented Group***Francophone StudentsTotal Number of Students Surveyed, if applicableAboriginalFirst Generation*Students with DisabilitiesMature Students**####Disability Centre1,166Self-identifiedOCSES Survey****8422410631404141,237First Year Student Telephone Survey1793A total of 5,300 new first year students were reached.Transition Session for first year Mature Students**** at New Student Orientation330n/aSheridan Student Information System: Total Applicants1,24037,982Sheridan Student Information System: Offers Made64527,918Sheridan Student Information System: Offers Accepted42612,643Sheridan Student Information System: Registered in First Year3668,164*Sheridan defines First Generation Students as those from families where they are the first to attend postsecondary. **Sheridan defines Mature Students as those who do not possess a secondary school diploma or equivalent and are 19 years of age before the starting date of the program. Mature student applicants must demonstrate competencies equivalent to prescribed program admission requirements. ***Double counting may occur as information is collected from different sources, some of which are anonymous. ****Information on some groups is collected through the OCSES. Sheridan wishes to note that it has a number of concerns regarding the reliability of OCSES data relating to data collection methodology, sample size, and representation of respondents. Increased Participation of Under-Represented Students Programs/Strategies Instructions: Referring to your approved MYAA Action Plan, list: each access improvement strategy/program planned for the fiscal year being reported; whether the strategy/program was executed; the result achieved; any variance from the targeted result; an explanation of the variance; and, planned remedial action. Access Strategy/Program/ IndicatorImplemented?Achieved ResultTarget Achieved?Explain Variance between Achieved and Expected Results and Any Remedial Action You Expect to TakeYesNoYesNoFirst Generation Students Increase number of first generation students by 3% Programs implemented and students participating 60% of declared first generation students participate in programs Increase success rate of first generation students by 3%  " " "  1793 first year students identified as First Generation in fall 2007 and winter 2008 vs 462 in fall 2006 " " " 5,300 new first year students were successfully reached. That represents 86% of all new first year students in 2007/08. Of the 5,300 new students reached, 1,793 ( 33.8%) identified as First Generation. In 2006/07 we reached 2,035 new first year students by phone (approximately 40% of all new first year students). Of the 2,035, 462 (22.7%) identified themselves as First Generation in their family to attend post secondary. Phone conversation with all new students prior to start of classes - 1, 793 new students identified as First Generation. These students got explanation of supports, regular email/chat communication; offered mentoring and invited to group activity social activities. While the First Generation students responded very positively to the phone call they received and to the regular e-mails from their assigned Peer Mentor, few responded with interest to participating in mentoring, group programming social activity specifically targeted to First Generation. This coming year 2008/09, more aggressive efforts are being made to encourage First Generation students to participate in activity and supports designed for first year student success and transition to college; and mechanisms are being put in place to track First Generation student participation and the impact of this engagement on their success. Unknown at this point.Mature Students Carry out research project and develop recommendations " " Aboriginal Students Survey of Aboriginal adults interested in participating in on-line learning conducted Training package to prepare Aboriginal adults for on-line learning culminating in a license for on-line learning developed Effectiveness of license for on-line learning assessed using both a test & a control group Effectiveness of license for on-line learning reported Learning from research project shared with members of literacy community in Ontario, MTCU & Alpha Plus by providing an on-line report & CD of training materials for license for on-line learning  "  " " " "  Focus groups held and results incorporated into introduction to distance education package  " " " " " Changes in college staffing caused delays in this section of the project. New resources have now been identified and the project is on target for completion by the end of September. Ministry staff are aware of the circumstances and have approved the extension of the project. Because of internal changes at Sheridan, package will be tested by volunteer groups. Agreements have been reached to pilot the package in two locations. Report will follow completion and testing of the package. Information will be shared when testing is completed. Students with Disabilities Increase graduation rate of students with self-identified disabilities by 5% over baseline Software purchased to help track students with disabilities. SIS system upgrade has caused delay in implementation. 1) Transition program for students with specific learning disabilities was successfully delivered with increased participation rate. The program was extended to four days with revised and increased programming based on participant feedback (Pre and post test completed by participants identified benefits of the program. Program allowed for early identification of those students who may be at risk for drop-out, and additional support was offered). Term meetings are held with participants to maintain contact and problem solve around arising concerns. Additional supports and interventions are offered to students as necessary. 2) Transition program (PREP) was made available to all incoming students with disabilities. Students are invited to participate in a one day session to provide them with information and orientation. The program was delivered for the second year with increased participation. 3) Increase access to services to develop learning strategies to enhance opportunity to achieve academic success (access adaptive technology, Learning strategist, Peer support groups, workshops, groups etc.).  French Language College Collaboration This table applies only to the two French language colleges Boral and La Cit. Instructions: As excerpted from the approved MYAA Action Plans, for each college collaboration strategy/program listed below, indicate: whether the strategy/program was executed; the result achieved; any variance from the targeted result; an explanation of the variance; and, planned remedial action. French Language College Collaboration Strategy/Program/ IndicatorImplemented?Achieved ResultTarget Achieved?Explain Variance between Achieved and Expected Results and Any Remedial Action You Expect to TakeYesNoYesNoIdentify pilot projects, action plans, schedules and joint strategiesIdentify the partnerships needed for the pilot projects to succeedIdentify the mechanisms needed to assess the effectiveness of cooperation on the pilot projectsMount a joint marketing and public relations campaign for secondary schools and school boards in the Centre-South-West Region (the London and Welland areas)Identify the differences between the sets of programs offered by English-language colleges and those offered by French-language collegesFor the Learning to 18 initiative, sign memoranda of understanding with the provinces 12 French-language school boardsCollege Small, Northern and Rural This table applies only to institutions that receive funding through the Small, Northern and Rural (SNR) Grant. Instructions: Referring to your approved MYAA Action Plan, list: each SNR strategy/program planned for the fiscal year being reported; whether the strategy/program was executed; the result achieved; any variance from the targeted result; an explanation of the variance; and, planned remedial action. College Small Northern & Rural Strategy/Program/ IndicatorImplemented?Achieved ResultTarget Achieved?Explain Variance between Achieved and Expected Results and Any Remedial Action You Expect to TakeYesNoYesNo Student Access Guarantee and Commitment Instructions for 2007-08: Through your signed MYAA, you committed to participate in the student access guarantee. For 2007-08, this meant meeting students tuition/book shortfalls in allocating financial aid, as set out in the 2007-2008 Student Access Guarantee Guidelines. YesNoThe college met students tuition/book shortfalls in allocating financial aid, as set out in the 2007-2008 Student Access Guarantee Guidelines "If you answered no, please explain.  Please complete the following table, using the most recent available year-to-date information from your institution 2007-08 OSAP student access guarantee report screen (This screen can be accessed by your Financial Aid Office.) 2007-08 TUITION/BOOK SHORTFALL AID: TOTAL $# ACCOUNTSExpenditures for Tuition/book SAG Amount3,782,1494,967Other SAG Expenditure to Supplement OSAP7,0351,500Total3,789,1846,467 Date screen was last updated: 15 / July / 2007 MYA Action Plan 2008-09 Revision: Student Access Guarantee Pursuant to Section 2.1 of the Multi-Year Agreements, your institution will participate in the Student Access Guarantee (including the new Access Window which allows Ontario students to identify costs and sources of financial aid). The detailed requirements for participation in the student access guarantee are outlined in the 2008-09 Student Access Guarantee Guidelines. Please complete the following template to update the strategies and programs that your institution will use in 2008-09 to participate in the Student Access Guarantee initiative. Describe how your institution will meet students tuition/book shortfalls. As part of your description identify whether aid towards tuition/book shortfalls will be: provided to those students who apply for institutional financial aid; or automatically issued to students based on their OSAP information. Sheridan will meet students tuition/book shortfalls with bursary assistance using TSA funds. Only those students who apply for bursary assistance will be guaranteed to have their tuition/book shortfall met.If your answer to the above question was a, please identify what specific internet portal(s) or program(s) students at your institution apply through to be considered for tuition/book assistance provided as part of your participation in the student access guarantee. Identify any applicable deadlines.Sheridan provides online bursary assistance through Access Sheridan (SA Self Service > Learner Services > Fin Aid > Needs-based Bursaries>Apply for Sheridan Bursary). Other bursary programs include: Sheridan Entrance Bursary, Sheridan Needs Based Bursary (for students in High Demand programs), Student Union Entrance Award, Sheridan Student Leadership Award. Deadlines to apply vary throughout the academic year. There is at least one application period per academic semester for all awards, with the exception of the Student Union Entrance Award (2 application deadlines per academic year) and the Sheridan Student Leadership Award (one application deadline per academic year).Identify whether your institution plans to provide loan assistance in values greater than $1,000 to meet tuition/book shortfalls of students in any of your High-Demand (formerly fee-deregulated) college post-diploma Programs. If so: identify the programs by name and by OSAP cost code; describe how you determine how much loan aid to provide. Sheridan will not provide loan assistance in values greater than $1,000 to meet tuition/book shortfalls of students in High Demand programs. The institution does provide bursary assistance in values greater than $1,000 to students in High Demand Programs.Describe other financial support programs and strategies that your institution will use to assist college students facing financial barriers to access, including identification of programs that provide case-by-case flexibility to respond to emergency situations that arise for students.Sheridan has a Work/Study program which parallels the Ontario Work Study Program. Sheridans work/study program also provides work opportunities for students between academic terms (either coop or summer work terms). Sheridan has emergency programs to provide food vouchers and bookstore vouchers to respond to students in emergency situations.Briefly describe your review process for students who dispute the amount of institutional student financial assistance that is provided as part of the Student Access Guarantee.The formal appeal process for students who wish to dispute the amount they have been allocated is as follows: 1. All requests for review of Tuition Set Aside Bursary decisions must be received by the Review Committee in writing. The Committee membership will be comprised of one member from Financial Aid, one member from Admissions, one member from Records/Registration, one member from Student Services. The Chair will be determined by the Committee membership. 2. The Review Committee will meet as required by the volume of requests for review. 3. The schedule of review sessions will be pre-set to the first three weeks following the bursary application deadline. B. QUALITY Quality of the Learning Environment Instructions: Referring to your approved MYAA Action Plan, list: each quality improvement strategy/program planned for the fiscal year being reported; whether the strategy/program was executed; the result achieved; any variance from the targeted result; an explanation of the variance; and, planned remedial action. Quality Strategy/Program/ IndicatorImplemented?Achieved ResultTarget Achieved?Explain Variance between Achieved and Expected Results and Any Remedial Action You Expect to TakeYesNoYesNoMaintain essential communications courses in programs as implemented in 2006-07. NOTE: our original goal was to incorporate essential communication skills into the programs of all first year students; however, this expansion is dependent on increased levels of funding " Courses maintained in programs as implemented; new diploma and advanced diploma programs in community services and arts have also included Essential Communication Skills; Essential Communications Skills have been mapped to courses where they are achieved in the Business diploma and advanced diploma programs" Courses maintained and increased somewhat.All new faculty participate in program; current faculty access workshops ""In addition to new faculty professional development institute, three internal conferences on teaching and learning were held and Sheridan hosted a provincial conference for faculty on student behaviour in the classroom. Increase full-time faculty by 4% over previous year to achieve a better ratio of faculty to full-time students and greater student satisfaction with access to faculty ""Increased full-time faculty complement by 5.2%. Greater student satisfaction with the learning experience as identified on Student Satisfaction survey; achieve overall 83% satisfaction with learning experience as indicated on the Sheridan Student Feedback on Learning tool " "" "Graduate satisfaction with questions relating to their learning experience: Course content  89% Courses up-to-date  91% Quality of instruction  88% Equipment up-to-date  90% Average: 89.5% Student Feedback on learning experience: Fall 2007: 83% agree or strongly agree Winter 2008: 85% agree or strongly agreeEndorsement by Program Advisory Committees and CVS; Open 2 new programs Achieve overall 82% student satisfaction with relevance of curriculum to future career as indicated on Student Satisfaction survey " " " " " " Regular meetings with PACs address learning outcomes and anticipated changes in the various industries. Sheridan college programs are mapped against program outcomes to ensure they are being met. PACs participate in program reviews. Four new programs opened in fall 2007 and one opened in winter 2008 for a total of five new programs. 2008 Student Satisfaction with knowledge and skills related to future career is 85%, 3% higher than target.Programs and supports in place to extend ESL services to Trafalgar Campus " "Funds and space were not available to extend ESL services to the Trafalgar Campus this year. A major difficulty is that peer tutors for language and communications skills do not generally have the background in second language acquisition to work with second language speakers. This means that faculty are needed to provide this service to students which escalates the costs significantly. The college did obtain funding for several Enhanced Language Training programs, some of which will prepare students for programs at the Trafalgar Campus in fall 2008 and winter 2009. The ESL component is offered at the Skills Training Centre because of lack of space at Trafalgar. Future action will be dependent on the availability of financial and space resources.Learning Commons designed Ratio of computers to students increased; NOTE that this goal is dependent on the availability of capital funding" "" "Learning Commons completed and ready for fall term; Student Union has expressed delight with the facility. Trafalgar: Pre Learning Commons: Approximately 104 students per computer (All F/T students). After Learning Commons: Approximately 15 students per computer (All F/T students). If Mobile students are excluded, the ratio is approximately 12 students per computer. Davis: The current ratio is approximately 57 non-mobile students per open access computer. The new Learning Commons will increase the number of available open access computers from 77 to 177, making the ratio approximately 25 non-mobile students per open access computer. STC: There are currently no open access computers at STC.All classrooms of appropriate size equipped with  smart technology for teaching""Sheridan has one of the highest, if not the highest, levels of technological support to teaching and learning facilities.Instructional equipment acquired""Total expenditure on academic capital in 2007-08: $1.48 millionOnline user data to match or exceed in person service numbers""Changes in staffing and priorities prohibited the development of an on-line and in-person tracking system this year. On-line services continue to be enhanced and include the addition of these services this fiscal year: Language Assessment Online Registration; Online Portfolio Registration; Online Bursary, Intelliresponse, Requisite Checking, Academic Advisement: Program GPA View,Academic Standing. A quality First Year Experience Program will improve all aspects of student life. It will improve retention, student satisfaction & learning  !"6789UVWXopq¹¢—wl[¹!hqOJQJaJmHnHtH uhEmHnHu j}hqUmHnHujhqUmHnHuhqmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphuhqmHnHuhq0JmHnHujhq0JUmHnHujhqUhq0J(5B*ph hq5 hqCJhq!* M ) { BPVTC7$8$H$ $  $ $a$   $ % & ' ( ) * + , H I ôãه~gôVه~ jqhqUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphuhqmHnHu!hqOJQJaJmHnHtH uhEmHnHu jwhqUmHnHujhqUmHnHuhqmHnHuhq0JmHnHujhq0JUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphu I J K j k l  ôãه~gôVه~ jehqUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphuhqmHnHu!hqOJQJaJmHnHtH uhEmHnHu jkhqUmHnHujhqUmHnHuhqmHnHuhq0JmHnHujhq0JUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphu    + , - G H I J K L M N O k l m n ôãه~gôVه~ jYhqUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphuhqmHnHu!hqOJQJaJmHnHtH uhEmHnHu j_hqUmHnHujhqUmHnHuhqmHnHuhq0JmHnHujhq0JUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphu   # $ % & ' ( ) * BPV!ôãه{qfq[q{V{Kqhq5OJQJ^J hq5hq>*OJQJ^Jhq>*OJQJ^JhqOJQJ^JhqjhqU!hqOJQJaJmHnHtH uhEmHnHu jShqUmHnHujhqUmHnHuhqmHnHuhq0JmHnHujhq0JUmHnHu,jhq>*B*UmHnHphuC"6yQoNOlO & F7$8$@&H$ & F7$8$H$ & F7$8$@&H$7$8$H$!6y-=oN 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tools to enhance and build comprehensive future programming.A qualitative Orientation & First Year Experience program will show improvement to all first semester indicators & particularly retention & student satisfaction""Full review of New Student Orientation program completed, First Year Connections Program College wide, Extended Orientation activity; student/faculty focus groups - student data and measurement tools to enhance and build comprehensive future programming.Working with the Academic Schools the program will track individual students academic performance. The results followed over a five year period will show a marked improvement in students academic performance""A pilot program has been started (2008) with the School of Business. This will track first year students until they graduate. It includes a tailored orientation and follow-up. First year programming will target needed interventions during first semester.Number of hits, page view for each new electronic resource""5 new databases were added during 07/08 each with the following number of hits/page views. a) SportDiscus with full text, total hits = 11,083 giving average of 924 page views/month, b) International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance with full text- total hits =5,371i.e page views/month = 448 , c) Computers & Applied Sciences Complete total hits = 7098 i.e page views/month = 592 d) Humanities International complete total hits =11, 544 i.e. page views/month = 962, e) ABI/INFORM GLobal - total hits = 81,360 i.e. page view / month = 6,780. Total page views for all electronic resources during the year: 1,020,636. % of these page views generated by new e-Resources added in 2007-2008 was 12.2%. Improve currency of print journals, DVD s videos etc. in library collection to improve Student Satisfaction""The currency of the collection has been improved. Faculty have been consulted about all new acquisitions added, thereby guaranteeing academic quality. 2008 KPI scores showed an increase of 7.4% in student satisfaction with the library resources over 2007 scores.  Student Engagement and Satisfaction: Student Retention Rates Instructions: Referring to your approved MYAA Action Plan, list: the retention rates achieved; any variance from the targeted rate; an explanation of the variance; and, planned remedial action. NOTE: The report-back on retention rates will lag one year. For example, the retention rates from 2006-07 to 2007-08 will be reported in the fiscal 2007-08 report back. Actual Retention RateTarget Achieved?Explain Variance between Achieved and Expected Results and Any Remedial Action You Expect to TakeYesNo1st to 2nd Year expected 86 %85% (excluding Joint Programs)"$" *$IfgdV&+xx$1$7$8$H$If xx$If"$fj' xx$Ifkd6$$Ifl֞7 d4`'2qq, t0'44 lajlnrt $IfgdV& xx$Ifpt {l{l]l]lNlNhChS;CJOJQJ^JhChB[CJOJQJ^JhCh CJOJQJ^JhCh(CJ^Jh CJOJQJ^JhCh hCJOJQJ^JhChqCJOJQJ^JhChILCJ^J hq^J%hV&hqB*CJOJQJ^JphhpB*CJOJQJ^JphhqB*CJOJQJ^JphhqCJOJQJ^J' xx$Ifkdp7$$Ifl֞7 d4`'2qq, t0'44 la  xx$If' xx$IfkdQ8$$Ifl֞7 d4`'2qq, t0'44 lan xx$Ifgd" xx$If ˚ך89ÜĜΜϜМҜלٜ ߶||m^mhChCJOJQJ^JhCh5CJOJQJ^JhqCJH*OJQJ^Jhq5CJOJQJ^JhqCJOJQJ^Jhq6CJOJQJ^J hq5^JhqCJ^JaJh)h OJQJh CJ^Jh CJOJQJ^J h ^JhCh.'CJOJQJ^Jh.'CJOJQJ^J' xx$Ifkd29$$Ifl֞7 d4`'2qq, t0'44 la+$1$7$8$H$If xx$If˚'%<xkd:$$Ifl֞7 d4`'2qq, t0'44 la˚9:PaÜ$(($&dIfPa$ $(($Ifa$ (($If 8<x^8`ÜĜŜƜʜ͜Μ]SFFFS $(($Ifa$ (($Ifkd:$$Ifl4\ `' `J`d t0'44 laf4ΜϜߜ  J@@@@@@ xx$Ifkd;$$Ifl4r `'  %% d t0'44 laf4"Sheridan has initiated a cross-college task force to identify retention challenges and develop retention strategies.2nd to 3rd Year expected 85 %92% (excluding Joint Programs)"3rd to 4th Year* expected 94 %97% (excluding Joint Programs)"* Applicable only to applied degree programs. C. ACCOUNTABILITY Multi-Year Agreement Action Plan Instructions: This report-back constitutes part of the public record, and as such, should also be made available on your institution s web site. Please ensure that this portion of your Annual Report is posted at the same location as your Multi-Year Agreement Action Plan. 2006-07 Report Back?If posted, provide the current link. If not posted, when will it be posted?YesNo"http://www1.sheridaninstitute.ca/corporate/annual_report/sheridan_myaa_july_2007.doc 2007-08 Report Back Contact: Ian Marley, Vice-President, Student Services and Information Technology Contact s telephone number and email (905) 815-4140 ian.marley@sheridaninstitute.ca  FILENAME \p O:\COLLBRCH\2 - GACS\Accountability\MYA\2007-08\Report back template Sheridan.doc     Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Policy Framework 1.0 Governance and AccountabilityAnnual ReportOperating Procedure  PAGE  Issued: April 1, 2003Revised: May16, 2007 Issued: April 1, 2003Revised: May, 2008 Page  PAGE 7 ,hjlrtvzV־ööçööÍÆyÆlldhqCJ^Jhq5CJOJQJ^Jhq6CJOJQJ^J hq5^JhChRCJOJQJ^JhChRCJ^JhChCJOJQJ^JhqCJH*OJQJ^JhqCJOJQJ^J hq^JhCh5CJOJQJ^JhCh5CJ^JUhChqCJOJQJ^J&,jnprMCCCCC xx$Ifkd<$$Iflr `' %%d t0'44 lartMCCCCCC xx$Ifkd=$$Iflr `' %%d t0'44 laV|MKE?1 8<x^8`<xhxkdr>$$Iflr `' %%d t0'44 lacVV $(($Ifa$|kd5?$$Ifl40`'t`X t0'44 laf4 (($If$(($&dIfPa$jpfff xx$Ifkd?$$Ifl4FN`' X  t0'    44 laf4hjn@B **úܴܪܪܗ|scs\U\ h 5CJ h 5CJh 5CJ\mHnHsH uh 5CJ\ h 5"jh CJUmHnHsH uh:jh:Uhq^JmHnHujhqU^J h^JhyHhq^JhyHh^JhB*^Jph hV&^J hq^Jh,(hqCJOJQJ^Jh,(h,(CJOJQJ^J jlnBsmmmmmmmmkkkxxkd@$$IflFN`'X  t0'    44 la *( $xx$Ifa$$Pxx$If^`Pa$Pxx$If^`P$xa$$a$ (*,.@BDFrywulfu\\O $xx$Ifa$ xx$Ifh]h&`#$kdFA$$IflF0 `$0 0     $6    4 l` alp *.0<>@D   &(* hq^Jh:h 0JCJmHnHuh 0JCJjh 0JCJU h CJ h 0Jjh 0JUh YUSII xx$Ifkd B$$Ifl\\  $ p= 0%64 la $xx$Ifa$ "$&(*QMKKExxkdB$$Ifl\\  $ $  0%64 la $xx$Ifa$ $xx$Ifa$@0P&P1h/ =!"#$%0 Dp<00P1h/ =!"#$% Dp,1h/ =!"#$% `!# ʙ8„jt1[v2X:@WH#x] TVU4JF(h*' RSƼP&%Xڬ@"LKDPKV*7A2EA3yH=Z>{?}w_Z5{v;9{~zoNvm]ڸ fL.=_?dCCç^f'{z?^#qhcעk݆_M\9 =ܐOïH7^~Ü_hn>3P ]g'B:tСCG}^SSsՌ俪@@@ ^~]/Ihݲe-Zi½?^:oVXX8uVZY͚5,..S֡W\3x9cKjnZ2?|sC= wqHMA3K=СC=} W93fh޼9M6m6nXWWg%+l)> ޿v^:$*R7ŋRwM-"** q=kaaaV^t-k֬磌Uys/_V)- l?cbb" _ׯ__YY]qa\6.\ vZz%=UV333ϟJxȐ! 3Yŕ f|75%R;99!E999Ϝ9SU6իW?T2qĝ;w޹sG9Afv_5yӧ+য়~=z4;~+V {_|W.6mb)L6}ߪU+үFa] :|gy&;;_;u3g&rN/f!ymm deelRڵk}Gm۶UQQQaK~={k׮rYbD5jW(**%?an訦'|j0::Iph\HsD$8z ݍ7''jsʔ)rd,e s eigLOd&22R\...•:;;'Z 'g5 mOOOU\\\̼Lyy&H(_xv{llSxg%{n#""1vX.1Q;v?=gG(-hfAUBq]+x2.\i-OD.Y$sXy={(UzQɷPH&hNV\}e?4VZZ Vsby" ֐۷o8pfkk6?ӇIq46lC!h?G)((;p/-ӧ+w*"d;ð9bɓ'Co}Q^bgddOT-|2:PBiih,?ё\e͛7?tܳN>)V'Ȉ#AtdUlOxs?\}R,?QgCpH'~MF H2tPL?~<-'P^^΅~ s$$$('rȺ/&L y_|ꫯ'@W~~~HKTD(N*~'~mYXXHKlȐ!L5bbtqqQKSpYYYHPy~B?y{{79?!IOT%*'ciiiittIݹ55T 9~|E9sL[]]MA[̰P~B3F<2To 5A'!ƭg2-h۶mrU)!OЌxA+ rssi,Oߦ2gQE W[VV3>>>w˖-ZǎSN7:h"SբE rį'O4`5q 5'7o'??"<~xnL6mX/ܸqXﱘ(M~r-zc)Qܹv]rC'AK^BR0~_Ҋ;vљ0oڵzOp>-- 9ݔy+ڰaCqqqQQQjjСCis@@rwgppm *Tɓ)9j ~N8NWfAOTbvv ֭BzR~žtRLڶm Mξ2e ȑ#;Vh0cA~S`mDiB:wYnP+?Gv޽tdSLy~ET⹰KB6_pss]6r6""SNk֬ᲇo&ESh &&\.|w8r[ނ)))O?TJ2 ge=T1޽{rr+WmyX >@hw,o ̄FZJ ?Q0{ln ABgNTtH4~-a2x Vx(XBBBL:֣o߾hA ֭cE!'g]]+m*gHW_zjI~&Pf{>{-(7KJ?7p@\p")1(0QMf p o߮/'WkF'~ O xL~t)brBNJ)?Q}p|f?yfnj5pD~LLQq?V6rJI?k,F5J`ذa4SxhÇ+jAqjv 0OpI9ڥVnvunZ+ *&ذaRXS ^'..R?C` `]]vU+\~\U采srbgCo}#Z(K4~Դoߞ[~l:DɄ  $̤>Fu+(hpٽ s^ .nDhh7"BLv*Y ,`Y3d?-U(,66OKK)S޼<ܲe -R#''qܶtwyKG"v$M;hekah??Q ebbbأ#""f&''6O>dgSNGB:/_uӄgBc >~87Qͪ/aަM4E5[kZ˟OCel,}Y27|$[G7| `ׯ__j DA 觊p0)h@O HHH`NK.?#11ܴ3h~~><> 2ߤks* s4С_KŻprÇuL\v-==QB9̙3СCz' Ν;Гˋf <<<ܼ*:NkĶmp#s}F:tС>DÜ¿^z;omvli>=05S|cg7̩ݑ s˜[b߰fo;-̈NAuC:t7LѫzjFFFZZZrr_U Wz܅{bCVqqq-[TY<Ȋ{o:1oSN4k,22X_\r̔[ cKj-96FݻD((@ ҝ%%۷[jApXxx8tO7^1c NM67nTL+l)> 7!Peܸq/^Ԕ?i)ZDTTfՈիK.Oݲf͚m5z'xBW'ܹD˞,য়~=zf;vd+V^_ ,؋Wyl[!lR$2gM/^l/BrQm5>ҴKFEE-yY?Ge<<]S'܁ִz@@{ɓ! `N"Z[on0et ev נeIw͕L!88YLqi.H?@辥.p="vqLL&sń-|rMi"*aRL#gUU ?Yd\/>zTٙVEY-Y2=x%swww3ghrto1 hi]δCf͚EyКwf'clOzsX10 '&2;ꪩݻrJxLMܠbٳZI7{iMn or~R^s!PxQ5y-!U9Y$90g/kAZAܯfE5|AuR VQ͐ɝDc&'t) ;w ﹳaODO Te(X5OG{aNiYM#J2p-|`޼yXL4 =FILJk}0>ـ43>/eY~4NpN ͛5 eСT㺵P?TTT(//B?akBs$$$('rȺ/&L y_|ꫯ'n0A2PXP9od4POS-BZbC 1gIUUݳ#始XB]%''08((ۻ l)}MNR~,Q ?KKKK|pS5 |̙3Uluu5AoY~VTT0B M>f@6P3rN1ZQd ~rbܚ&т?}}}gJ4GUͥ?~ʜOFi,\mYYx-[ODj;vTO9C;E,O1JJJXgT-h,iƠNݓ\Bm#ȓ PYrOd#MfB#VZyqL={6Z7k !3'A*:$g?і0+|<!!!N ѷo_W^ysvxu1_𳮮Օe3j$ꫯ\z$?aD3D g9޻woF|YR eIL'9]E"l2 d M[ Ǵ}vxY ?72]3jT#xd'Dˇ~mmʕ:֬Y5j%4ahi.6ÇWՂz`P5 TrKܘ*mݺxӄKT}![n՚[G QtR^#*)sPU8>c r=YPB(8}wI gAB:VTTyOĉLٗhʝxɓ'"@ Y޾qʑ% D,|T! kv6ȴ 6lc׉?Po5Xn-Xf׮] ׯ_/Wpᜣ8xX[>}1555۷_½NppUO)6=Q8t'l)#?/ }^={( \R\\l{A]p#z ̲6ڴeP?ᗳl &[V2[ d֭[Fتj.㾾LݷoSЪ* LcԪ#ꑓOM=ϒ#wDynŒ*&MQ@|è߿ݝv .1dΫ ō ?CqFD(N:Ka,6~9 } Ϸ Eņ0iii0eʛ[lE b n֛n;ГHa3ai:@l-l޼Ug'j<@LL {tDD d'Lz)HH˰Np]]hǏ&TVVY" ۴i^^^6pbMR[[bSIwAc_l/U=o`pLVDh>(T7&mwߵI vt$&&< bχD@rM{?@06Glza`ȑ66 )))lP Wa._-кۣXÂI6Lr5C nsBclt{@M;kL^%Vuh^I:r댜s,r~l޽{O qW| aϞ=cccΜ9s |ݱcn Ḁ䔔$uuu/6{V...e~A#:ԣxIN.>|n6uk׮#xqttT1 [(9s:tHDaAܹszyyyQQQ 0a7]eСCiضmnDxСC:t܇hs^ yCOyg;mÿB*@@@  Heading 2$ & F@&5@@  Heading 3$ & F@&>*88  Heading 4  & F@&88  Heading 5  & F@&88  Heading 6  & F@&JJ  Heading 7$$ & F@&a$5JJ  Heading 8$$ & F@&a$5CJD D  Heading 9 & F<@&CJDA`D Default Paragraph FontVi@V  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List 4@4 Header  !4 @4 Footer  !.)@. 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